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Infinova’s V1181 series megapixel fixed-focal 2/3" lenses feature low distortion and high contrast & sharp picture in all areas of the screen.They are applicable for intelligent transport system (ITS).

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  • 2 Mega pixels
  • Captures full resolution of megapixel cameras
  • Low distortion (Less than 1.0%)
  • Locking set screws for focus and iris
  • High contrast & sharp picture in all areas of the screen
  • Compact design-Diameter 33.5mm

Lens, 2 Mega pixels, f=12mm, F/1.4, Manual iris, 2/3 inch, C

Lens, 2 Mega pixels, f=16mm, F/1.4, Manual iris, 2/3 inch, C

Lens, 2 Mega pixels, f=25mm, F/1.4, Manual iris, 2/3 inch, C

Lens, 2 Mega pixels, f=35mm, F/1.4, Manual iris, 2/3 inch, C
Technical Specifications
Image Size 2/3"
Mount C
Focal Length 12mm/16mm/25mm/35mm
Aperture (F/#) 1.4
Max. Image Format 8.8mm x 6.6mm (φ11mm)
Operation Range Focus - V1181-12-1 0.15m - Inf. V1181-16-1 0.3m - Inf.
Control Focus Iris - Manual
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. (H x V) V1181-12-1 : 12.1 cm x 9.0 cm
V1181-16-1 : 17.2 cm x 12.9 cm

V1181-25-1 : 10.6 cm x 7.9 cm

V1181-35-1 : 8.1 cm x 6 cm

V1181-12-1 : 49.2°/40.4°/30.8°
Angle of View (F.O.V.) (D/H/V) V1181-16-1 : 38.0°/30.8°/23.4°
V1181-25-1 : 24.9°/20.0°/15.1°

V1181-35-1 : 17.3°/13.9°/10.4°

V1181-12-1 : 13.1mm
Back Focal Length V1181-16-1 : 13.1mm
V1181-25-1 : 13.1mm

V1181-35-1 : 17.1mm
Flange Back Length 17.526mm
Filter Size M30.5 P=0.5mm
Dimensions (Ø×L) V1181-12-1 : 33.5mm x 28.2mm
V1181-16-1 : 33.5mm x 28.2mm

V1181-25-1 : 33.5mm x 36.0mm

V1181-35-1 : 33.5mm x 38.2mm
Weight V1181-12-1 : 0.137lbs (62g)
V1181-16-1 : 0.132lbs (60g)

V1181-25-1 : 0.157lbs (71g)

V1181-35-1 : 0.192lbs (87g)
Certifications and Approval
Product Certifications CE, ISO 9001: 2008