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Control Room Products

V2015A features comprehensive functions for any security/surveillance system, pre-configuration to assure the highest level of reliability, and modular architecture for ease of installation and operation.

Utilizing ARM9 microprocessor technology and based on LINUX operation system, V2015A can provide automated electronic surveillance or it can allow a single user to control an entire CCTV system of up to 80 video inputs by 16 video outputs. Selectable control code module provides direct control over Manchester or RS-485 protocol receivers and super domes, and Ethernet interface module offers a cost-effective solution for system integration with your existing network.

V2015A can be controlled by keyboards via RS-232 ports. Available GUI software further simplifies system operation through an on-screen system keyboard which is a fully functional representation of V2117. Users can be defined at different levels of administration to further enhance the security of the system.

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  • Utilizing ARM9 microprocessor technology and LINUX operation system core
  • Up to 80 video inputs by 16 video outputs
  • Ethernet multilevel networking function
  • Free move of camera title and time information on screen
  • Self-calling and mutual calling of tour and salvo, as well as other Ethernet matrix’s video calling are provided
  • Alarm response can call video input of other networked matrices
  • Alarm transferred via Ethernet to remote Ethernet Matrix or PC
  • Keyboard Grouping and Camera Grouping, providing precise management of keyboard to monitor/camera control
  • User priority and password management
  • Windows-based multimedia management software

Small matrix switching/control system, English menu, 100~240VAC self-adaptive, Ethernet networkable, NTSC

Small matrix switching/control system, English menu, 100~240VAC self-adaptive, Ethernet networkable, PAL

Note: YY×ZZ specifies numbers of video inputs (in submultiples of 16) and video outputs (in sub-multiples of 4). For example, V2015A-80×16 is a pre-configured networkable matrix with 80 video inputs and 16 video outputs.
Technical Specifications
Video Input 75 Ohm BNC, 1.0 Vp-p composite
Maximum Inputs 80
Video Output 75 Ohm BNC, 1.0 Vp-p composite
Maximum Video Outputs 16
Amplitude Frequency ±1.0 dB (5.8 MHz)
Differential Gain <1.0% (typical)
Differential Phase <1.5° (typical)
S/N Ratio ≥60 dB (typical)
Adjacent Channel Crosstalk PAL: 55 dB (4.43 MHz)
NTSC: 55 dB (3.58 MHz)
S/N Ratio ≥60 dB (typical)
Adjacent Channel Crosstalk PAL: 55 dB (4.43 MHz)
NTSC: 55 dB (3.58 MHz)
Input to Input Crosstalk PAL: 70 dB (4.43 MHz)
NTSC: 70 dB (3.58 MHz)
Return loss (input/output) >40 dB
DC level 0V or 400mV
Bandwidth 5Hz~8MHz
Switching Speed 20ms (typical)
Non-Volatile Memory for a minimum of 10 years
Tour 64
Salvo 64
Event Timer 35
Alarm Inputs Max 1024, port or network alarm input
Alarm Response 5 alarm display modes
3 alarm clearance modes
5 alarm link tables
OSD video input number, date/time, video
input titles (maximum characters16)
and monitor status
Menu Language English
Keyboard Control Time 60ms (typical)
Keyboard Control Protocol RS-232 or Ethernet
RS-232 Ports 5, RJ-45
Ethernet Ports 1, RJ-45
Ethernet Data Rate 10/100 Mbps
Alarm Input Connector 16, 20-pin D type
Input Port Status NO (Normally Open)/ NC (Normally Close)
Relay Output Port 2, 6-pin D type
Relay Contact Ratings 1A@24VDC, 0.5A@110VAC
Manchester Code Output Port 4,12-pin connector
RS-485 Ports 1, 3-pin connector
Input Voltage 100~240VAC self-adaptive
Power Maximum 30W
Dimensions (H x W x D) 5.2" x 19.0" x 13.0" (132mm x 483mm x 329mm)
Package Size (H x W x D) 10.5" x 22.5" x 17.8" (267mm x 571mm x 451mm)
Unit Weight 17.2 lbs. (7.8 kg)
Shipping Weight 19.8 lbs. (8.97 kg, for standard configuration)
Mounting 19" EIA standard rack mount
Operating Temperature 32°F~140°F (0°C~60°C)
Operating Humidity 0~90%RH (non-condensing)
Certifications and Approval
Product Certifications CE, FCC, ISO 9001:2008