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Network Cameras

V1772N-T series HD 1MP and 2MP IP PTZ domes provide users a high-definition, high frame rate and high SNR real-time images acquisition system. V1772N-T series PTZ domes provide the ability to view and control H.264 High profile/M-JPEG dual-stream encoded HD video, and also support three video streams. The maximum resolution can be 1920×1080 @ 30fps or 1280×720 @ 30fps.

The dome supports built-in 18X, 20Xand 30X HD integrated camera modules. The user-friendly GUI interface is designed for easy PTZ control and convenient camera parameter settings. Thus, it is easier to set the PTZ and perform operations with a mouse than traditional keyboard. In addition, area zoom and image PTZ functions are also offered.

V1772N-T series domes also provide functions such as preset, pattern, autoscan, autopan etc.

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  • Built-in 18X, 20X and 30X HD integrated camera modules
  • Maximum resolution up to 1920×1080 @ 30fps or 1280×720 @ 30fps
  • H.264 high profile & M-JPEG dual-stream encoding, three simultaneous video streams
  • Two-way audio, G.711-U/G.711-A
  • Remote PTZ Control via network
  • IPv6, relay output, sending an email, FTP uploading
  • Supports area zoom, digital zoom (controlled by ActiveX in web) and image PTZ function
  • Dome title settings and display
  • Supports image overlapping
  • Multiple white balance modes
  • Defog supported
  • Preset, pattern, autoscan, autopan, time tour, normal tour and power-on return
  • Privacy mask and motion detection
  • Heartbeat loss monitoring, linkable to SD card recording
  • 2 alarm inputs and 1 relay output
  • Local recording, SD card storage
  • Compatible with digital video surveillance software like Infinova V2216 and Command
  • Standard SDK, easily to be integrated with other digital systems
  • Onvif Profile S
  • RS-485 control and analog video output for easy adjustment
  • Outdoor IP66 rating, with built-in heater and air cycle system and freeze-proof
  • Remote upgrade via network
  • Rugged design (IK10)

Type Bubble V1772N-18T0H V1772N-30T0H V1772N-30T2S V1772N-20T2Y
Indoor Pendant Mount Camera Vandal-Resistant Clear V1772N-18T0N3B3H V1772N-30T0N3B3H V1772N-30T2N3B3S V1772N-20T2N3B3Y
Vandal-Resistant Smoked V1772N-18T0N4B3H V1772N-30T0N4B3H V1772N-30T2N4B3S V1772N-20T2N4B3Y
Outdoor Pendant Mount Camera Vandal-Resistant Clear V1772N-18T0U3B3H V1772N-30T0U3B3H V1772N-30T2U3B3S V1772N-20T2U3B3Y
Vandal-Resistant Smoked V1772N-18T0U4B3H V1772N-30T0U4B3H V1772N-30T2U4B3S V1772N-20T2U4B3Y
Indoor Recessed Ceiling Mount Camera Vandal-Resistant Clear V1772N-18T0N3C3H V1772N-30T0N3C3H V1772N-30T2N3C3S V1772N-20T2N3C3Y
Vandal-Resistant Smoked V1772N-18T0N4C3H V1772N-30T0N4C3H V1772N-30T2N4C3S V1772N-20T2N4C3Y
Type Bubble V1772N-20T2L V1772N-20T2T V1772N-30T2H V1772N-30T2Y
Indoor Pendant Mount Camera Vandal-Resistant Clear V1772N-20T2N3B3L V1772N-20T2N3B3T V1772N-30T2N3B3H V1772N-30T2N3B3Y
Vandal-Resistant Smoked V1772N-20T2N4B3L V1772N-20T2N4B3T V1772N-30T2N4B3H V1772N-30T2N4B3Y
Outdoor Pendant Mount Camera Vandal-Resistant Clear V1772N-20T2U3B3L V1772N-20T2U3B3T V1772N-30T2U3B3H V1772N-30T2U3B3Y
Vandal-Resistant Smoked V1772N-20T2U4B3L V1772N-20T2U4B3T V1772N-30T2U4B3H V1772N-30T2U4B3Y
Indoor Recessed Ceiling Mount Camera Vandal-Resistant Clear V1772N-20T2N3C3L V1772N-20T2N3C3T V1772N-30T2N3C3H V1772N-30T2N3C3Y
Vandal-Resistant Smoked V1772N-20T2N4C3L V1772N-20T2N4C3T V1772N-20T2N4C3T V1772N-20T2N4C3Y

Part Number Extensions for Power Input Selection

24 VAC / 24 VDC EX: 24 VAC / 24 VDC Input PoE EX: PoE Input
3 V1772N-30T2N3B3S 0 V1772N-30T2N3B0S
Technical Specifications
V1772N-18T0H, V1772N-20T2L, V1772N-20T2T, V1772N-30T0H, V1772N-30T2S, V1772N-30T2H, V1772N-20T2Y, V1772N-30T2Y
Optical Zoom 18X, 20X, 30X
Digital Zoom 16X
Day/Night Auto, COLOR, B/W (ICR) (20TL)
Aperture/Focal Length 18T0H: F1.6~F2.8, f=4.7~84.6mm
20T2L: F1.6~F3.5, f=4.7~94mm
20T2T: F1.6~F3.5, f=4.7~94mm
20T2Y: F1.6~F3.5, f=4.7~94mm
30T0H: F1.4~F4.6, f=4.4~132.0mm
30T2S: F1.6~F4.7, f= 4.3~129mm
30T2H: F1.4~F4.6, f=4.4~132mm
30T2Y: F1.6~F4.7, f= 4.3~ 129mm
Angle of View 18T0H: 59.7° (Wide) ~ 3.6° (Tele)
20T2L: 59.5° (Wide) ~ 3.2° (Tele)

20T2T: 59.6° (Wide) ~ 3.2° (Tele)

20T2Y: 59.5° (Wide) ~ 3.3° (Tele)

30T0H: 62.9° (Wide) ~ 2.2° (Tele)

30T2S: 63.7° (Wide) ~ 2.3° (Tele)

30T2H: 63.4° (Wide) ~ 2.3° (Tele)

30T2Y: 63.7° (Wide) ~2.3° (Tele)
Min. Work Distance 18T0H: 0.01m (Wide) ~ 1.0m (Tele)
20T2L: 0.01m (Wide) ~ 1.0m (Tele)

20T2T: 0.01m (Wide) ~ 1.0m (Tele)

20T2Y: 0.01m (Wide) ~ 1.0m (Tele)

30T0H: 0.01m (Wide) ~ 1.5m (Tele)

30T2S: 0.01m (Wide) ~ 1.2m (Tele)

30T2H: 0.01m (Wide) ~ 1.5m (Tele)

30T2Y: 0.01m (Wide) ~ 1.2 m (Tele)
Scanning System Progressive scanning
Image Sensor 18T0H: 1/3" CCD
20T2L: 1/2.8" CMOS

20T2T: 1/2.8" CMOS

20T2Y: 1/2.8" CMOS

30T0H: 1/3" CCD

30T2S: 1/2.8" CMOS

30T2H: 1/3" CMOS

30T2Y: 1/2.8" CMOS
Sensitivity (18T0H) Color mode:0.8 lux (1/30s, F1.6, 50%, AGC-Gain: 34dB); 0.1 lux (1/4s, F1.6, 50%, AGC-Gain: 34dB)
B/W mode:0.01 lux (1/4s, F1.6, 50%, AGC-Gain: 34dB)
Sensitivity (20T2L) Color mode:0.04 lux @ F1.6(AGC ON)
B/W mode:0.005 lux @ F1.6(AGC ON)
Sensitivity (20T2T) Color mode:0.4 lux @ F1.6(1/30s, 350mV equiv., AGC-Gain: 48dB); 0.1 lux @ F1.6(1/8s, 350mV equiv., AGC-Gain: 48dB)
B/W mode: 0.01 lux @ F1.6(1/8s, 350mV equiv., AGC-Gain: 48dB)
Sensitivity (20T2Y) Color mode:
0.01 lux (1/30 sec, 50%, high sens mode ON)
0.0013 lux (1/4 sec (1/3 sec), 50%, high sens mode ON)
B/W mode:
0.0015 lux (1/30 sec, 50%, high sens mode ON)
0.0008 lux (1/4 sec, 1/3 sec, 30%, high sens mode ON)
Sensitivity (30T0H) Color mode:
0.5 lux (1/30s, F1.4 (wide), 50%, AGC-Gain: 35dB)
0.1 lux (1/4s, F1.4 (wide), 50%, AGC-Gain: 35dB)
B/W mode:
0.005 lux (1/4s, F1.4 (wide), 50%, AGC-Gain: 35dB)
Sensitivity (30T2S) Color mode:0.35 lux (1/30 sec, 50%,(typical value) high sens mode ON)
1.4 lux (1/30 sec, 50%, high sens mode OFF)

0.05 lux (1/4 sec, 1/3 sec, 50%, high sens mode ON)

0.19 lux (1/4 sec, 1/3 sec, 50%, high sens mode OFF)

B/W mode:0.013 lux (1/30 sec, 50%, high sens mode ON)

0.05 lux (1/30 sec, 50%, high sens mode OFF)

0.002 lux (1/4 sec, 1/3 sec, 30%,high sens mode ON)
Sensitivity (30T2H) Color mode:0.4 lux @ F1.4 (1/30s, 350mV equiv., AGC-Gain:48dB)
0.1 lux @ F1.4 (1/8s, 350mV equiv., AGC-Gain: 48dB)

B/W mode:0.01 lux @ F1.4 (1/8s, 350mV equiv., AGC-Gain:48dB)
Sensitivity (30T2Y) Color mode:0.01 lux (1/30 s, 50%, high sens mode ON)
0.0013 lux (1/4 s, 1/3 s, 50%, high sens mode ON)

B/W mode:0.0015 lux (1/30 s, 50%, high sens mode ON)

0.0008 lux (1/4 s, 1/3 s, 30%, high sens mode ON)
S/N Ratio >50dB
Effective Resolution 1.0 Mpx. (18T0H, 30T0H)
2.0 Mpx. (20T2L, 20T2T, 30T2S, 30T2H, 20T2Y, 30T2Y)
Video Compression H.264 high profile/M-JPEG
Maximum Resolution 1280×720 @ 30fps (18T0H, 30T0H) 1920×1080 @ 30fps (20T2L, 20T2T, 20T2Y, 30T2S,30T2H, 30T2Y)
Output Bit Rate Variable bit rate; Constant bit rate: 256Kbps~10000Kbps
Network Delay <300ms
Audio Compression G.711-A, G.711-U
Audio Sampling Rate 8K, 16K
Audio port 1 input, linear level, impedance: 1kΩ;
1 output, linear level, impedance: 600Ω
Built-in Storage With an embedded SD card slot, it is recommended to use an SD card up to 32GB class 6
Network Port 1*10M/100M Ethernet port, self-adaptive, RJ-45
Manual Pan Speed 0.1° ~ 350°/s
Manual Tilt Speed 0° ~ 180°/s
Preset Speed Max. 450°/s
Pan Travel 360° continuous
Tilt Travel 0°~180° Auto Flip
Preset Accuracy ±0.1°
Presets 255
Patterns 4
Autopans 4
Tours 6 (each tour can be associated with 14 acts, including preset 1~32, pattern 1~4, autopan 1~4)
Home Return Yes
Time Tour Yes
Autoscan Yes
Motion Detection Yes, 4 areas
Alarm 2 inputs and 1 output
Area Zoom Yes
Web Server Yes
Remote Upgrade Yes
Iris Auto, Manu, M/A
Focus Auto, Manu, M/A
Shutter 18T0H: Auto (1/30s ~ 1/10000s, adjustable)
20T2L: Auto (1/25 ~ 1/10000s, adjustable)

20T2T: Auto (1/1 ~ 1/30000s, adjustable)

20T2Y: Auto (1/1s ~ 1/10000s, adjustable)

30T0H: Auto (1/4s ~ 1/10000s, adjustable)

30T2S: Auto (1/1s ~ 1/10000s, adjustable)

30T2H: Auto (1/2 ~ 1/30000s, adjustable)

30T2Y: Auto (1/1s ~ 1/10000s, adjustable)
Digital Slow Shutter Yes (20T2L, 20T2T, 20T2Y, 30T0H, 30T2S, 30T2H, 30T2Y)
Image Mirror Off/H-mirror (18T0H)
Off/H-mirror/V-mirror/HV-mirror (20T2L, 20T2T,20T2Y, 30T0H, 30T2S, 30T2H, 30T2Y)
Image Freeze Yes (20T2T, 20T2Y 30T0H, 30T2S, 30T2H, 30T2Y)
FNR 18T0H: /
20T2L: OFF/ (1~7 levels adjustable)

20T2T: Off/Manu/Auto/ (1~3 levels adjustable)

20T2Y: Off/ 1~5 levels adjustable

30T0H: Off/Manu/Auto/ (1~3 levels adjustable)

30T2S: Off/ 1~5 levels adjustable

30T2H: Off/Manual/Auto/ (1~3 levels adjustable)

30T2Y: Off/ 1~5 levels adjustable
White Balance AUTO/MANU/MERC/SODI (18T0H, 20T2T, 30T0H,30T2H);
Auto Gain Control Yes
WDR 18T0H: On/Off
20T2L: On/Off


20T2Y: Off/VE


30T2S: On/Off/Auto

30T2H: Off/ WDR*/AD WDR*

30T2Y: Off/VE
Stabilization Yes (30T0H, 30T2S, 30T2H, 30T2Y)
Backlight Compensation On/Off
Others 18T0H: Sharpness adjustable;
20T2L: Sharpness, contrast, brightness, saturation adjustable, slow AE, chroma suppress, edge color suppress;

20T2T: Sharpness adjustable, slow AE, night vision

20T2Y: Sharpness adjustable, slow AE, high sens, high resolution, color hue, saturation, HLC level, HLC mask level

30T0H: Sharpness adjustable, slow AE;
30T2S: Sharpness adjustable, slow AE, high sens mode

30T2H: Sharpness adjustable, slow AE, lum mode, enhanced level, reduction level

30T2Y: Sharpness adjustable, slow AE, high sens, high resolution, color hue, saturation, HLC level, HLC mask level
Privasy Maskng Yes 16 3D Zones
Product Dimension (H×D) Indoor bracket: 11.5" × Ф8.6" (292mm × Ф218mm);
Indoor ceiling: 9.4" × Ф8.4" (240mm × Ф214mm)

Outdoor bracket: 11.5" × Ф9.4" (292mm × Ф240mm)
Package Dimension (L×W×H) 19.09" × 11.02" × 11.81" (485mm × 280mm × 300mm)
Motor Stepping motor
Mounting Bracket, ceiling
Housing Material Cast aluminum
Net Weight Indoor bracket: 8.27lbs (3.75kg)
Outdoor bracket: 9.83lbs (4.46kg)

Indoor ceiling: 6.79lbs (3.08kg)
Gross Weight Indoor bracket: 11.35lbs (5.15kg)
Outdoor bracket: 12.96lbs (5.88kg)

Indoor ceiling: 9.88lbs (4.48kg)
Sync System Internal
Power Supply 24VAC/24VDC self-adaptive, poe
Power Consumption 24VAC: 20W (indoor); 35W (outdoor)
24VDC: 20W (indoor); 33W (outdoor)
Surge Protection Yes, ±2000V
Operating Temperature Indoor: -4°F ~ +122°F (-20°C ~ +50°C);
Outdoor: -40°F ~ +122°F (-40°C ~ +50°C)
Operating Humidity 0%~95% RH (non-condensing)
Rating IP66
Impact Resistance IK10
Certifications and Approval
Product Certifications UL 1; CE/EMC: EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3; FCC: Part15 Subpart B; ISO 9001:2008; IK10: IEC62262
Certificate No.: 1 20131205-E232008.