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Video Management Software

V2216 network video management software is a central management platform for all kinds of network video systems. It includes two versions: V2216 Professional and V2216 Enterprise. The former is suitable for medium surveillance installation and supports a maximum of 128 video inputs, while the latter is the most powerful software which suitable for any large surveillance installation.

The V2216 digital matrix functions inherit major advantages from classic Infinova video matrix switchers, such as system tour, salvo, and alarm management. And the software allows network keyboard to control the system. The operation of V2216 is easy and convenient as that of analog video matrix. Thanks to compatibility with all Infinova digital video products and integration with all Infinova series matrix switchers and Pelco matrix switchers, the V2216 platform can perform centralized management and control over the digital video system and analog video system.

The V2216 system provides TV Wall mode. The video play window on client monitor can be used as TV wall, and the IP camera’s video can be switched to the TV wall via physical keyboard or virtual keyboard. This will save the cost of decoding devices while retaining the convenience of digital matrix switching system, providing intelligent, flexible, quick and convenient services to users.

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  • Multiple systems cascading, building a central management platform to a large network video system
  • Supports CMS hot standby, NVR redundancy and SMT multicast
  • Major and minor code streams auto switch according to image size, so as to reduce client CPU resource consumption and improve efficiency
  • Supports digital matrix functions, such as configuration of TOUR, SALVO and Event Timer
  • Supports device video loss alarm and NVR hard disk (HD) error / HD expiration alarm
  • Supports remote restarting to system devices and servers
  • Supports searching alarm information based on preset conditions, searching in a time period, and calling alarm video via the searching results
  • Supports audio broadcasting for multiple IP font-ends
  • Supports analog keyboard
  • Supports clients to customize functions
  • Services input
  • Supports third party alarm devices: BOSCH, Honeywell, INANTER, etc.
  • Supports third party access control integration: DDS access control, Lenel access control, PEAK access control, etc.
  • Supports transmit the operating order of V2216 software to third party alarm devices
  • Compatible with all series DVR, encoder, and camera of Dahua and Hikvision
  • Integrates with analog surveillance system seamlessly to realize mutual live video calling between digital and analog systems
  • Supports with SDK, and supports DB33, GB/T 28181 platform input, RTSP input, ONVIF1.0/2.0 input
  • Client and TV wall
  • Supports multilevel E-maps, and can remember the size and position of the video window pop-out from the E-maps
  • Supports linked layers and Hawkeye function of E-map
  • Supports real time video viewing picture in picture function
  • Supports viewing real time video by picture in picture
  • Optimizes decoding performance and configure separated dual channel display card, allowing to view 8*1080P high definition video
  • Supports screen vector PTZ control and intelligent operation like zooming in the selected zone and central position adjustment by mouse click
  • Supports light, wiper and user-defined control function
  • Supplies with analog TV wall operations, switching videos by mouse dragging
  • Supports multiple camera screen stitching
  • Supports keyboard to switch screen

V2216 Professional supports up to 128 video inputs.

Ordering Information
V2216 Professional version, supports up to 128 video inputs

V2216-P maintenance plan

V2216 Professional License, for 1 video input

V2216-P-C1 maintenance plan

V2216 Enterprise supports up to 9999 video inputs.

Ordering Information
V2216 Enterprise version, supports up to 9999 video inputs

V2216-E maintenance plan

V2216 Enterprise License, for 1 video input

V2216-E-C1 maintenance plan
Optional Accessories and Modules
Network video management server

Network video management server, attached with Windows Server 2008 SP2 operating system

As the server of SMT and NVR, V2216-R400 series supports to store 45ch*8M code streams, 60ch*6M code streams, 80*4M code streams and 128ch*2M when it transmit sync multiple video to LMC, and the disk is full and with overwriting 32 original files and with 16 video playbacks.

Access Proxy Server, as the external interface of V2216 management platform, to realize connections with third party devices and management software.

V2216 APS, for 1 video input

Intelligent Video Server module (including basic behavior analysis and video diagnosis and detection)

V2216 IVS, for 1-ch intelligent video analysis

Panoramic stitching module (no need to authorize separately)
Technical Specifications
Recommended PC Configuration for Clients (LMC / NCT)
CPU Intel®Core™ i7-2600 CPU @3.40GHz, 3.40GHz
Nominal CPU Frequency ≥ 2.83 GHz
Memory ≥ 4G
Network Adapter 1000Mbps, Ethernet
Display Card ≥ 256M (display memory)
Operating System Windows XP/7, supports Chinese, English and tradition Chinese versions
Recommended PC Configuration for Servers of CMS (Enterprise Version)
Nominal CPU Frequency ≥ 2.1 GHz
Memory 2G
Network Adapter 1000Mbps, Ethernet
Operating System Windows 2003 Server/2008 Server, supports Chines e, English and tradition Chinese versions
Recommended PC Configuration for Servers of CMS/SMT/NVR (Professional Version)
Nominal CPU Frequency ≥ 2.4GHz
Memory 4G
Network Adapter ≥ 2000Mbps, Ethernet
Operating System Windows 2003 Server/2008 Server, supports Chines e, English and tradition Chinese versions
Recommended PC Configuration for Servers of SMT/NVR (Enterprise Version)
Nominal CPU Frequency ≥ 2.4 GHz
Memory 4G
Network Adapter ≥ 2000Mbps, Ethernet
Operating System Windows 2003 Server/2008 Server, supports Chines e, English and tradition Chinese versions