Management Executives

Jeffrey Liu - Ph.D., CEO and President

Jeffrey Liu

Since 1994, Dr. Jeffrey Liu has been President and CEO of Infinova Group. Under his leadership, Infinova Group has experienced tremendous growth, both in the Americas and around the world. It is Dr. Liu' s philosophy that, to be successful, creating the best products is not enough. Leading companies must also concentrate on customer service and assure that their channel partners are also successful. By providing partners with the tools that help them obtain more business more profitably, Infinova assures that its partners provide the complete, best-of-class systems that their customers want.

Dr. Liu earned his Ph.D. in physics from University of Utah in 1987. From 1987 to 1990 he worked in Princeton University as a post-doctoral research associate. From 1990 to 1994 he worked in NEC Research Institute at Princeton as a research scientist. He has published 42 scientific papers in the fields of semiconductor physics and opto-electronics. In 1994 Dr. Liu started business in electronic security. He is the founder of Infinova Group.

List of Awards to Jeffrey Liu

The 30 Influential Chinese Security People in the 30 years of Chinese economic reform, awarded in 2008. Outstanding Entrepreneur in 10 years of Chinese Intelligent Transportation, awarded in 2009.