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The V2210 is a video management software package for controlling a complete CCTV system. The V2210 controls Infinova matrix switchers and receives network alarm via TCP/IP network; controls alarm interfaces and multiplexers via RS-232 serial ports. The V2210 allows an entire CCTV system to be controlled from a single PC platform.

The V2210 is compatible with powerful access control module, making user to get real time details of access control, such as video materials of cardholder, and real time video image. It also supports event handling, which can call the e-map of any details and display the video image of the event. Besides, some small icons to indicate operating actions are provided, helping user to handle event more convenience.

Username and password login screens are provided for a maximum level of security. The login feature also ensures that users can only operate the system at his/her own authorized level of administration. When appropriate video server is supplied, the system supports real-time on-screen video display. V2210 features a built-in module that simplifies the operation of Infinova multiplexers.

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  • Compatible with matrix, alarm interface, access control and IP dome camera
  • User priority level can be defined to limit certain operations
  • Supports CCTV centralized management
  • On-screen simulated keyboard
  • Supports live video display, compatible with DVR video, Network video and multiple video cards
  • Electronic maps and graphics
  • Integrates with Port Alarm, Network Alarm, and VISTA Network Alarm
  • PTZ, lens and auxiliary switch control
  • Supports intelligent operations of dome cameras
  • Provides alarm scheme
  • Network time synchronization

Matrix GUI software, LAN control for network switchers, no PC video capture card, supports LAN video

Matrix GUI software, LAN control for network switchers, w/PC video capture card, supports LAN video
Technical Specifications
Operating Humidity 0~95% Relative Humidity