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V1122 series vari-focal 1/3" lenses w/DC auto irises provide tremendous installation flexibility by allowing a wide range of adjustment to get exactly the coverage required. The lenses are multi-coated to reduce ghosting and flare caused by backlighting, ensuring high contrast even under such adverse conditions. They are available in 3~8 mm, 2.8~12 mm and 5~50 mm vari-focal lengths.

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  • 3~8 mm, 2.8~12 mm and 5~50 mm vari-focal
  • Available in DC auto iris
  • Dynamic auto aperture down to F/360 under visible light conditions
  • Aspherical technology provides high image quality
  • Multi-coated
  • Locking mechanism built into rings
  • Built-in slip mount mechanism

Lens, f=3.0-8mm, F/1.0, DC auto iris, 1/3 inch, CS

Lens, f=2.8-12mm, F/1.4, DC auto iris, 1/3 inch, CS

Lens, f=5-50mm, F/1.4, DC auto iris, 1/3 inch, CS
Technical Specifications
Image Size 1/3"
Mount CS
Focal Length V1122-308: 3.0~8 mm; V1122-2812: 2.8~12 mm; V1122-550: 5.0~50 mm
Aperture V1122-308: F/1.0 ~ F/360; V1122-2812: F/1.4 ~ F/360; V1122-550: F/1.4 ~ F/360
Angle of View V1122-308:
(Horizontal × Vertical) 91.0°×66.6° (Wide), 35.9°×26.9° (Tele); V1122-2812: 97.4°×72.5° (Wide), 24.1°×18.1° (Tele); V1122-550: 53.6°×40.3° (Wide), 5.6°×4.2° (Tele)
Iris DC auto iris
Focus Manual
Zoom Manual
Minimum Object Distance V1122-308: 0.66 ft. (0.2 m); V1122-2812: 1.0 ft. (0.3 m); V1122-550: 3.28 ft. (1.0 m)
Maximum Barrel Diameter V1122-308: 1.30" (Ø 33 mm);V1122-2812: 1.61" (Ø 41 mm); V1122-550: 1.57" (Ø 40 mm)
Length V1122-308: 1.65" (42 mm); V1122-2812: 2.32" (59 mm); V1122-550: 2.32" (59 mm )
Weight V1122-308: 0.104 lbs. (47 g); V1122-2812: 0.157 lbs. (71 g); V1122-550: 0.185 lbs. (84 g)
Certifications and Approval
Product CE, ISO 9001: 2008