Infinova’s world-class solutions are trusted, recommended and deployed across several installations across the globe.

Transportation Surveillance

Infinova’s Best-in-Class solution encompasses a wide spectrum of product technology to meet the security needs of government, industry, retail, and service companies around the globe. Our industry experience in IP, analog and fiber optics reinforces our reputation for flexibility with both integrators and end users. The foundation of our solutions and technology is coexistence: IP and analog systems working together side-by-side. This saves you money and extends the life of your existing equipment.

West Gate Bridge - Australia

The West Gate Bridge is one of Australia's largest cable-stayed box girder bridges.

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Italy's Autovie Venete Motorway

Real Time Video Surveillance Increases Safety on Italy's Motorways

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Chongquin Metro

800 Infinova Surveillance Cameras Watch Over Chongqing Metro Line

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Porto Alegre Traffic Management

Infinova's high-definition IP cameras monitor Porto Alegre, Brazil traffic

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Istanbul Metro

1500 Infinova Cameras Watch Over Istanbul Metro

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Guangzhou Expressway

Guangzhou West 2nd Ring Expressway Transmission System

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India Toll Road

172 Infinova Cameras Integral to Customized Toll Surveillance System for NICE Highway

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Shanghai Metro

Shanghai Metro Security Upgrade

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Shenzhen Intelligent Transport System

Analog and Digital Come Together in Shenzhen's Leading Intelligent Transport System

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Los Angeles Metro

How the Los Angeles MTA Monitors 73 Miles

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A Well-Managed Surveillance System at Toll Plaza

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