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Escala Condominium Tower Seattle – Infinova
Escala Condominium Tower Seattle

Infinova worked with Sequoyah Electric to provide a best-in-class solution for Escala's video surveillance and security, seamlessly integrating small, low-profile dome cameras with access control and video management from two other vendors.

"Infinova was very easy to work with on this project and their cameras were straightforward to install. We placed our order and they delivered all the equipment directly in a single shipment. As integrators, this helps us a lot and is almost unheard of today," Bill Polis, Dir. of Business Development, Sequoyah Electric

The Escala Project in SeattleEscala is an unparalleled 31-floor condominium tower that adorns the skyline of Seattle at the corner of 4th Avenue and Virginia Street. Escala is a combination of technology and style with classic ornamental architecture balanced by a contemporary tower designed to accommodate expansive terraces with stunning views of the mountains, Seattle’s downtown area and the Puget Sound.

High-security -- part of the benefitIn a high-end project like Escala providing a high level of protection for residents is part of the unique selling proposition for the condominium. The architects were looking for an integrated approach with video surveillance and access control all managed through a single system. Access to the building is managed in sections, residents are allocated a specified elevator for their section that they use to gain entry to their apartment. They do not have access to other sections or elevator lobbies. The high-security provides residents with a protected living environment, even in the heart of downtown Seattle.

Residents see this level of security as part of the benefit that differentiates Escala from other condominiums in the area. This enables management to attract the type of residents they were targeting for the condominium. If they could not guarantee the protected living environment, management would not be able to sell these types of apartments at the prices they needed.

High image quality was a requirement from the architectsTo maintain this level of security very high image quality was a requirement from the architects. The project specification required operators to be able to see all residents and visitors that are entering and leaving lobbies and elevators on high quality video at 25 frames per second (FPS). All lobbies had to be completely covered by video surveillance using multiple cameras across each floor. Residents also control who has access, the entry control system allows residents to view who is requesting entry to the building and can independently allow or deny access on a person-by-person basis.

Infinova worked with Sequoyah Electric and other manufacturers to meet the architect’s specification with an integrated solution using Infinova cameras for video surveillance, S2 Security for access control and On-Net Surveillance Systems for video management. The solution uses over 100 low-profile Infinova V5411-A2004SB Minidome cameras to cover the elevators that service Escala’s 31 floors with all doors being on camera and controlled electronically.

The Architects’ and Engineering Specification (A&E) required operators to be able to control doors and monitor video from both their security head-end (control room) and the concierge’s desk in the main entrance lobby. All the cameras are recording video 24/7 at 25 FPS with video being archived for 30 days.

Solution required excellent low light performance from camerasThe architectural design specified that all cameras be unobtrusive and the ambience lighting in the lobbies required cameras to deliver high quality video even in low light conditions. Infinova' s V5411 cameras feature a high-resolution 1/3" Charged Coupled Device (CCD) sensor that gives excellent low light operation, 480 lines at 0.3 lux or 520 lines at 0.5 lux.

The architects selected Sequoyah and Infinova because the solution proposed met the design specification precisely at a competitive price. Performance was the deciding factor for the architects not price, however the additional benefit provided by the Infinova solution was seen as a win-win situation for the Escala project.

Infinova’s cameras worked well with Escala’s high-end décorThe Infinova cameras’ design worked well with Escala’s high-end décor. “Some of the wall finishes we had to work around were incredible, marble, quality woods etc. We were very pleased with the way the Infinova cameras fitted in with the architect’s interior design,†said Bill Pollis.

The cameras were small and discrete so as not to be obtrusive to residents. The goal was to have the cameras to disappear in the residents’ areas , at the same time externally and in the parking garages they had to be a visible deterrent to potential perpetrators.

Infinova helped us shine in front of our customer“Installation was very simple and Infinova enabled Sequoyah to offer a very competitive proposal, we did not have to compromise to meet, and over-deliver on the architect’s specification. When we had to make changes, Infinova was open to whatever was needed to make the installation successful, they really helped us shine in-front of our customer on this project. This is what made Infinova stand-out for us,†concludes Bill Polis.

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