Infinova’s world-class solutions are trusted, recommended and deployed across several installations across the globe.

Retail Surveillance

Infinova’s Best-in-Class solution encompasses a wide spectrum of product technology to meet the security needs of government, industry, retail, and service companies around the globe. Our industry experience in IP, analog and fiber optics reinforces our reputation for flexibility with both integrators and end users. The foundation of our solutions and technology is coexistence: IP and analog systems working together side-by-side. This saves you money and extends the life of your existing equipment.

Crevier BMW Dealership

Infinova IP Video Solution Reduces Installation Cost for BMW Dealership

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Similar to the Education Sector, Infinova solutions have been growing in demand for the retail segment. Infinova possesses the complete range from high end to cost-effective range and thus becomes a preferred OEM for all the retail projects. Usually for retail sectors, apart from safety and security, another primary concern is return on investment. The value range Infinova surveillance cameras fit perfectly for the retail sectors.