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Infinova has created this library of White Papers & Blogs to share our advanced technologies and solutions. The papers cover a range of topics that show technology solving surveillance and security problems and how to integrate different technologies to building complete, seamless solutions.

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IOT- New trend in Surveillance- Merits and Demerits

Internet of things, a term coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999 gained momentum in 2011 and has now become the most widely used technology. According to a 2019 report, the number of IoT devices reached a stunning 26.66 million in 2019 and during 2020, the number is expected to reach 31 billion devices. More

Benefits of Edge Analytics Camera

Edge analytics refers to the approach adopted by companies towards data collection and analysis. So instead of waiting for the data to arrive at a centralized location or data store, it is analyzed by means of automated computation at the network switch or device... More

5 Benefits of Using a Video Management Software

Video management software (VMS) is vital for any surveillance system. It is designed for managing cameras and recording settings. Through VMS, you can view multiple camera feeds and also set alerts for motion.... More

Make the Most of Your Surveillance System with Video Analytics

Want to make your surveillance system more efficient and reduce the workload on management and security staff? If the answer is yes, then you will need video analytics for capturing the full value ... More

What is the role of megapixel cameras in surveillance?

In today’s video surveillance market, megapixel security cameras have become a prevalent solution as they offer high image quality and easy video stream broadcasting.... More

What Makes Thermal CCTV Cameras Ideal for Your Business?

Businesses looking to streamline their operations for aim for enhanced productivity find it necessary to equip their business premises with state-of-art surveillance.... More

Motorized Zoom Lens CCTV Cameras for Optimum Surveillance

Surveillance camera companies are adopting advanced technology to deliver futuristic security products to cater to the evolving safety and security needs of their clients.... More

Airports Moving To IP-based Surveillance Systems

Airports all over the world have been upgrading their surveillance systems on a regular basis in the wake of increasing security concerns faced by top security officials around the world.... More

Bringing Speed-Enforcement Surveillance into Mainstream Traffic Monitoring

Road accidents are one of the biggest causes of deaths worldwide. A majority of these accidents are caused due to over-speeding and reckless driving... More

Day/Night Video Demystified for Integrators

How do you assure that you are proposing a video system that will do everything that your customer wants, including recording clear images in all t... More

Comparing a Surveillance Camera's Low-light Performance

How can you determine what type of image a camera will provide in a low light environment? After all, there is really no way that you can get your ...More

What Is Wide Dynamic Range and Why Should Camera Specifiers Care

It's always been the Achilles' heel of video surveillance, with analog or digital cameras, those nasty shadows, glares, reflections and direct sunl...More

Making Highways Safer with Integrated PTZ Surveillance Cameras

In the United States, highway congestion cost travelers over 4 billion hours and $75 billion, wasting approximately 3 billion gallons of fuel per y...More

Working with IT

Everyone involved with surveillance systems will be working with the IT Department more and more. For instance, over 75 percent of integrators repo...More

Glossary of CCTV Terms

This is a short list of terms that are typically encountered in reference to CCTV/Security systems. For the most part these are practical definitio...More

A Practical Trip to Effective Use of Existing and New Security & Surveillance Technology in Transport

Urban mass transit, seaports and airports have common security needs but also diverse missions, locations, regulations and requirements. This demands ...More

Lessons on Security Technology in Educational Institutions

It's a huge security assignment. There are more than 130,000 schools in the U.S. and about 7,000 colleges and universities. They house about 77 mil... More

Shining a Light on Security Lighting for Safety and Video Surveillance

Lighting is an essential element of a security program. To light the way through a parking garage, to illuminate doorways or a dock, to make hallway o...More

How to Perform a Site Security Survey and Build a Risk/Vulnerability Matrix

Security technology is just one part enterprise risk management, even though an important part. Examining the organization from outside in and focusin...More

Storage Takes the Leap to IP, the Choices and Challenges

With the growth of video surveillance and the coexistence of analog and digital as a measured step to the transition to digital video surveillance con...More

How to Protect Video Surveillance Systems against Lightning Strikes

Video surveillance systems are very sensitive to high voltages and because of this a lightning strike can cause irreparable damage not only to outdoor...More

How and Why to Select Megapixel, IP and Analog Security Cameras

No matter the type of video software, transmission, storage and management, no matter what kind of application ranging from a school hallway to an air...More

Connecting it all together-Fiber Optics in Security & Surveillance Solutions

With a transition from analog to digital video surveillance continuing, there remains a crucial requirement for reliable transmission of the video sig...More

Should You Jump to IP?

The simple answer is YES, but in a cost-managed way that extends the life of existing equipment. You an...More