Infinova’s world-class solutions are trusted, recommended and deployed across several installations across the globe.

City Surveillance Cameras

Infinova’s Best-in-Class solution encompasses a wide spectrum of product technology to meet the security needs of government, industry, retail, and service companies around the globe. Our industry experience in IP, analog and fiber optics reinforces our reputation for flexibility with both integrators and end users. The foundation of our solutions and technology is coexistence: IP and analog systems working together side-by-side. This saves you money and extends the life of your existing equipment.

Kolhapur City Surveillance - Infinova
Kolhapur City Surveillance
Shanghai WorldExpo Culture Center Surveillance - Infinova
Shanghai WorldExpo Culture Center
Asian Games 2010 Surveillance - Infinova
Asian Games 2010
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Surveillance - Infinova
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Shanghai's Shanghui City R&D Complex Surveillance - Infinova
Shanghai's Shanghui City R&D Complex
Shanghai World Expo 2010 Surveillance - Infinova
Shanghai World Expo 2010
Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Surveillance - Infinova
Nanjing Olympic Sports Center
Escala Condominium Tower Seattle Surveillance - Infinova
Escala Condominium Tower Seattle
Hotel Rose Rayhaan by Rotana Surveillance - Infinova
Hotel Rose Rayhaan by Rotana
ADNEC Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre Surveillance - Infinova
ADNEC Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre
Miami Beach Parking Structures Surveillance - Infinova
Miami Beach Parking Structures

Infinova is being regarded as one of the strongest players for Surveillance Solution when it comes to city surveillance and smart city projects. Infinova’s City Surveillance Cameras are seamlessly integrated with several third-party Video Management Software and Command and Control Software. Infinova cameras are robust and are best designed for changing environmental conditions. Nearly half a million Infinova cameras have been deployed across various city surveillance projects around the world. Existence of city surveillance cameras has helped deter crime to a great extent and helped maintain law and order in the city. On most occasions, CCTV footage installed at public places has helped the police department to prevent any mishaps and/ or identify evidences.

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