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V1720A E2

Serving Security Industry with Technology and Dedication

Analog Cameras


V1720A E2 series intelligent domes are the perfect combination of art and technology, leading the new trend of dome cameras. The domes feature auto focus, auto white balance, with 28X/36X/40X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom available. The domes can be controlled with the speed from 0.08°/s to 400°/s, with high sensitivity, smooth movement, and low noise.

254 presets and 4 patterns are provided, in which the presets can be called manually, or triggered by alarm inputs. Password Protection function can prevent the illegal users altering the inner parameters. Home Return function helps the users to call the scene that scheduled before without manual adjustment. The dome supports up to 16 Areas. Users can assign names and boundaries to these Areas; each Area can be a different size. The domes also feature 360° Rotation, Auto Flip, and Privacy Mask functions. On the client PC, the function of Zoom Selected Area is available.

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  • Infinova, Pelco-P/D protocol self-adaptive; compatible with Up-the-Coax protocol
  • Both hard and soft addresses
  • Smooth running, high sensitivity, low noise
  • 4 motion detection areas, associated with 2 alarm relays
  • 2 privacy mask modes
  • 254 presets, preset speed at max 400°/s, position precisely
  • Super wide dynamic range (WDR), illumination ratio up to 128X
  • Area zoom
  • 4 alarm inputs, 2 relay outputs, alarm associated with presets
  • Surge and lightning protection: ±2000VA
  • Practical anti-dropping design

Type Bubble 28X D/N 36X D/N 40X D/N
Indoor Recessed Ceiling Mount NTSC Camera 24VAC Vandal-Resistant Clear V1728A-C0C3C6E2 V1723A-C0C3C6E2 V1722A-C0C3C6E2
Vandal-Resistant Smoked V1728A-C0S3C6E2 V1723A-C0S3C6E2 V1722A-C0S3C6E2
Indoor Recessed Ceiling Mount PAL Camera 24VAC Vandal-Resistant Clear V1728A-C1C3C6E2 V1723A-C1C3C6E2 V1722A-C1C3C6E2
Vandal-Resistant Smoked V1728A-C1S3C6E2 V1723A-C1S3C6E2 V1722A-C1S3C6E2
Indoor Pendant Mount NTSC Camera 24VAC Vandal-Resistant Clear V1728A-C0C3B6E2 V1723A-C0C3B6E2 V1722A-C0C3B6E2
Vandal-Resistant Smoked V1728A-C0S3B6E2 V1723A-C0S3B6E2 V1722A-C0S3B6E2
Indoor Pendant Mount PAL Camera 24VAC Vandal-Resistant Clear V1728A-C1C3B6E2 V1723A-C1C3B6E2 V1722A-C1C3B6E2
Vandal-Resistant Smoked V1728A-C1S3B6E2 V1723A-C1S3B6E2 V1722A-C1S3B6E2


12VDC 24VAC EX: 12VDC Input EX: 24VAC Input
5 6 V1728A-C0C3C5E2 V1728A-C0C3C6E2
V1761 Wall Mount, 10 inch horizontal, 1.5 inch NPT
V1761L Wall Mount, 17 inch horizontal, 1.5 inch NPT
V1762 Corner Mount, 10 inch horizontal, 1.5 inch NPT
V1763 Pole Mount, 10 inch horizontal, 1.5 inch NPT
V1764 Pendent Mount, 15 inch long vertical, 1.5 inch NPT, indoor
V1766 Indoor Drop Ceiling Panel, 2 feet × 2 feet, pre-cut
For detailed information, refer to V1760 series indoor/outdoor dome mounts.
Technical Specifications
Optical Zoom 28X, 36X, 40X
Aperture/ Focal Length 28X: F1.35~F3.7; f=3.5~98mm
36X: F1.6~F4.5; f=3.4~122.4mm

40X: F1.6~F4.6; f=3.06~122.4mm
Angle of View 28X: 55.8° (Wide)/2.1° (Tele)
36X: 57.8° (Wide)/1.7° (Tele)

40X: 60° (Wide)/1.6° (Tele)
Min. Work Distance 28X: 0.01m (Wide) ~ 1.5m (Tele)
36X: 0.32 m (Wide) ~ 1.5m (Tele)

40X: 0.01m (Wide) ~ 1.5m (Tele)
Scanning System 2:1 Interlace Scanning
Image Sensor 28X: 1/4" Interlace scan CCD
36X: 1/4" Progressive scan CCD

40X: 1/4" Interlace scan CCD
Effective Pixels (H×V) 28X/36X: PAL/440K: 752×582;
NTSC/380K: 768×494

40X: PAL/570K: 976×582;

NTSC/480K: 976×494
Sensitivity (28X) Color mode (with IR filter):0.25 lux @ F1.35 (50IRE) (Typical); 0.16 lux (NTSC: 1/4s, PAL: 1/3s) (Typical)
B/W Mode (w/o IR filter):0.0015 lux (NTSC: 1/4s, PAL: 1/3s)
Sensitivity (36X) Color mode (with IR filter):1.4 lux (NTSC: 1/60s, PAL: 1/50s); 0.1 lux (NTSC: 1/4s, PAL: 1/3s);
B/W mode (w/o IR filter):0.01 lux (NTSC: 1/4s, PAL: 1/3s)
Sensitivity (40X) Color mode:0.6 lux (NTSC: 1/60s, PAL: 1/50s); 0.04 lux (NTSC: 1/4s, PAL: 1/3s)
B/W mode:0.01 lux (NTSC: 1/4s, PAL: 1/3s)
S/N Ratio >50dB
Video Type PAL/NTSC (D/N)
Horizontal Resolution 28X, 36X: 550TVL
40X: 650TVL
Video Output 1.0±0.2Vp-p
Protocols INFINOVA, PELCO-P/D (self-adaptive), Up-the-Coax protocols optional
Number of Addresses 1~254
Baud Rate 2400/4800/9600bps optional
Manual Pan Speed 0.08°~200°/s
Manual Tilt Speed 0.2°~100°/s
Preset Speed 400°/s maximum
Pan Travel 360° continuous
Tilt Travel -5°~90°
Preset Accuracy ±0.1°
Presets 254
Patterns 4
Autopans 4
Programmable Areas 16
Video Blanking Sectors 16
Spherical Privacy Zones 24
Tours 6
Alarm Inputs 4 alarm inputs
Alarm Outputs 2 relay outputs
Motion Detection Yes
Home Return Yes
Auto Scan Yes
Image Mirror Yes
WDR Yes (36X/40X)
Stabilization ON/OFF
Digital Zoom 1~12X adjustable
Shutter Speed Auto: Default Set;
Manual: PAL: 1/1~1/10000s, NTSC: 1/1~1/10000s;
Zoom Selected Area Yes (PELCO-D)
Backlight Compensation ON/OFF
Product Dimension (H×D) Bracket: 11.5" × Ф8.6" (292mm × Ф218mm); Ceiling: 9.4" × Ф8.4" (240mm × Ф214mm)
Package Dimension (L×W×H) 19.09" × 11.02" × 11.81" (485mm × 280mm × 300mm)
Product Weight Bracket: 7.1lbs (3.2kg), Ceiling: 6.2lbs (2.8kg)
Shipping Weight Bracket: 10.6lbs (4.8kg), Ceiling: 9.5lbs (4.3kg)
Motor Stepping motor
Mounting Bracket, ceiling
Housing Material Cast aluminum
Sync System Internal/Line-locked
Internal Synchronization Built-in sync generator
Line-locked Synchronization Remote V-phase adjustment
Power Supply 12VDC, 24VAC
Power Consumption 12VDC: 18W;
24VAC: 25W
Power Surge Protection Yes
Operating Temperature -4°F ~ 122°F (-20°C ~ +50°C)
Storage Temperature -4°F ~ 140°F (-20°C ~ +60°C)
Operating Humidity 0~90%RH (non-condensing)
Certifications and Approval
Product Certifications CE/EMC: EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-31, FCC: Part15 Subpart B2, ISO 9001:2008, UL
Certificate No.: 1 BCT12HC-1418E; 2 BCT12HC-1419E.