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The V2924AHS is an external hot-switch that monitors dual V2923ACN CPU operation of V2040A large-scale networking matrix switchers.

The V2923ACN controls all functions of the switcher, including video routing, PTZ operation, programming, and storage. While independent switchers generally use the V2040A matrix switcher with a single CPU, a second V2923ACN may be added by using the V2924AHS. In this dual redundant CPU system, the V2923ACN units are constantly operating in tandem with one unit designated as the primary and the second as the backup. In the event of a failure by the primary CPU, the “hot switch” will automatically transfer system operation to the backup.

Audible alarm is realized via front-panel switches. When it is enabled, there will be audible alert if either CPU goes wrong.

Meanwhile, up to 26 diagnostic LEDs are provided to indicate CPU, V2924AHS, and RS-232 port operating status.

To enhance system’s alarm disposing capability, 3 relay outputs are provided to connect with auxiliary alarm devices.

Besides, V2924AHS uses automatic anti-malfunction design. Video surveillance system’s operation will not be influenced if there is any power problem with V2924AHS.

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  • Automatic or manual selection of active or standby CPU
  • Continuous detection of dual CPU status
  • Automatic switchover to standby CPU in the event of active CPU failure
  • Audible alarm to indicate malfunction in either CPU
  • Front-panel switch to enable/disable audible alarm function
  • 26 Diagnostic LEDs to indicate each operating status
  • 3 Form-C relay outputs to control auxiliary alarm devices

Standalone hot switch for dual CPU operation, 100~240VAC self-adaptive (The CPUs should be purchased otherwise)
Technical Specifications
RS232 ports 27, 8-pin RJ-45 connectors
CPU communication ports 2, 8-pin RJ-45 connectors
Ethernet connectors 3, 8-pin RJ-45 connectors, 10/100Mbps
High Speed Data Line 6, BNC interface
programmable monitor outputs 3, BNC interface
Alarm outputs 3, 3-pin "D" type sockets
Input voltage 100~240VAC, 60/50Hz
Power consumption 5W
Power cord 3-wire, # 18 AWG
Base only 3.46" (H) × 16.77" (W) × 12.44" (D) 88mm (H) × 426mm (W) × 316mm (D)
With rack ears 3.46" (H) × 19.0" (W) × 12.44" (D) 88mm (H) × 483mm (W) × 316mm (D)
Weight 7lbs. (3.2 kg)
Package Size (L×W×H) 6.5" × 21.7" × 19.0" (165mm × 550mm × 483mm)
Shipping Weight 11.7lbs. (5.3 kg)
Mounting Rack mount
Control switches
CPU selection switch One 3-position switch
Alter on/off Switch One 2-position switch
Diagnostic LEDs
CPU status 8 LEDs indicating the status of the two CPUs and the hot switch
Port status 18 LEDs indicating the status of the hot switch's 9 RS232 ports
Temperature 32°F ~104°F (0°C~40°C)
Humidity 0~90% RH (non- condensing )
Certifications and Approval
Product Certifications CE, FCC, ISO 9001:2008