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Los Angeles Metro Surveillance

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) upgrades security surveillance with Infinova PTZ domes and fiber optics

Los Angeles is a city that was designed to be "car friendly," but not many of the millions of drivers who ply the city's famous freeways would agree that it remains that way, especially after spending hours fighting the congestion that can cripple their commute. After years of debate, L.A. finally began work on a subway system in the mid 80's and, in 1990, opened its first line - the Blue Line - that connects downtown with Long Beach. Several additional lines and extensions have been added, the most recent of which was the Gold Line in 2003. Construction of other extensions continues.

Besides being a construction challenge, there was also a security challenge. The L.A. MTA (Metropolitan Transport Authority) is responsible for security in the system. About 300,000 riders per day and 73 miles of lines fall under its watch. The staff of less than 40 who monitor the entire system 24/7 (about eight staffers at any given time) is hard pressed to keep up. The MTA knew it would need to take advantage of whatever automated features it could to extend the capabilities of its thinly stretched monitoring staff.

With numerous pre-sets, patterns and other features, its Infinova-based video surveillance system has delivered. Over 450 dome cameras were installed up and down the lines. The cameras monitor platforms, rails and other facilities throughout the system. These high-speed PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) domes utilize up-the-coax control data, sending data streams from the control site back to the cameras through the same coaxial cable used to transmit video. This feature allowed the MTA to make use of existing coaxial cables that connected its many fixed cameras that were being replaced by the PTZ domes, greatly reducing installation costs.

In addition, 88 pairs of Infinova fiber optic transmitters and receivers, along with 77 code generators providing "up-the-coax" protocol, carry the video and control data for the PTZ cameras. By fitting two to three times as many channels per rack space as traditional systems, the MTA obtained substantial rack cost savings and a reduction in space needed with this fiber optic solution.

More than 700 color mini-domes with vibration resistant are mounted for surveillance inside the cars. The drivers’ cabs are secured through the use of 114 specialized discreet day/night fixed cameras, with similar vibration resistant mounting. The original cameras did not lay flat to the car’s interior so Infinova redesigned the housing to provide the flush mount desired by the MTA.

By helping channel partners provide their customers with complete, affordable, best-in-class, large and small video surveillance solutions, Infinova helps integrators generate more business more profitably. Leveraging a manufacturing process certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards and over 250 engineers with a list of video industry firsts, Infinova channel partners provide their end-users with industry-acknowledged product reliability and technical leadership.

So that Infinova channel partners can create complete solutions, Infinova provides IP surveillance cameras and components, CCTV analog cameras, DVRs and components, camera accessories, monitors, power supplies and fiber optics communications devices. Infinova also has the technical ability and manufacturing flexibility to let integrators propose customized solutions. In addition, Infinova will partner with other manufacturers making other surveillance equipment and software to help its channel partners create turnkey solutions. Contrary to most other companies, Infinova will back-up their partners’ products as well as its own to assure both the integrator and its customers that one call – to Infinova only – takes care of everything.

Infinova works diligently to assure its channel partners can provide cost-conscious solutions. With Infinova’s hybrid systems, channel partners can propose systems that protect a customer’s investment in its already-installed analog surveillance system but that also put them on a dynamic migration pathway to IP systems.

Infinova is lauded for its exceptional maintenance programs. A major highlight is the company’s 24-hour advanced replacement policy in which a substitute product is shipped immediately upon notice of a problem.

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