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Italy's Autovie Venete Motorway Surveillance

Infinova and GSG International increased safety and security on one of Italian’s most important motorway links.

Autovie Venete S.p.A based in Trieste, Italy is the managing Company of motorway routes A4 Venice-Trieste, A23 Palmanova-Udine South, and A28 Portogruaro-Pordenone-Conegliano. The Company started operating after the Second World War and its first achievement was the construction of a dual carriageway through the Karst area.

The Company, founded in 1928, became publicly-owned in 1950 and was, nine years later, assigned the construction and consequent management of the motorway routes Venice-Palmanova-Trieste, and Palmanova-Udine (total length 147 Km), part of which, the route Trieste-Udine, was officially opened in July 1966.

Autovie Venete is not only active in the construction of facilities in North-Eastern Italy, but operates also in Central and Western Europe, by collaborating effectively with local authorities.

Traffic Control CenterThe motorway network monitoring and control system (Traffic Control Centre) serves to centralize and integrate in a single user interface all the viewing, communication and control functions currently available to the staff at the Palmanova Traffic Control Centre. The motorway monitoring system is a classic ITS solution (Intelligent Transport Systems) using advanced surveillance cameras and technology to manage traffic and respond to traffic needs.

As traffic increases and more people travel on the road, more and more safety-related issues are emerging: these call for an advanced surveillance system that is integrated with procedures that can help solve all safety-related issues, through an appropriate use of all the information potentially available in the various subsystems.

For example, the Motorway route A4 Venice-Trieste have extensive traffic-monitoring requirements, hence the need to provide surveillance and security at the point of the interchanges and on the bridges to:

  • Improve traffic fluidity
  • Decrease the number of crimes taking place on the motorway
  • Indentify subjects believed to be responsible of events that have occurred outside of the motorway area.

To meet their video surveillance objectives Autovie Venete selected Infinova together with their local partner GSG International to implement a real time traffic video surveillance system based on Infinova cameras.

Infinova Cameras for Real Time Traffic Video SurveillanceFrom Palmanova the Traffic Control Center’s operators – working 24/7, 365 days a year – are able to monitor specific motorway section (in real time) through video streamed from traffic cameras positioned at key points of the section. The excellent image quality is further enhanced on a video wall to allow the simultaneous sharing of different information.

The real time traffic video surveillance system uses over 300 Infinova V1749 high-speed PTZ dome cameras to monitor key points of the motorway through video cameras (exits, critical junctions). The cameras send images of the motorway’s key points to the central units in the Radio Centre.

The solution is based on over 300 Infinova V1749A-C1C2B6 High-Speed PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras each with a 35x zoom connected through a fiber optic network system (installed by a separate vendor). The Infinova cameras were selected because of their high image quality and proven mechanical reliability. They provide Autovie Venete operators with:

  • Multi-protocol capabilities
  • PELCO-P/D protocol
  • A two-way system to receive images and control the camera
  • Speedy response to any incidents
  • Uninterrupted viewing of any subject that passes directly beneath the Infinova camera

CCTV System NetworkThe diagram gives an overview of the CCTV system network that Infinova and GSG implemented.

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